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I am a Melbourne-based singer, songwriter and guitarist. I have been writing, recording and performing since 2007 with my bands and as a solo artist. 

My first foray into music creation began as the lead singer of powerpop band The Bowers (Bowerbirds) from 2007-2015. We released two records, Her Night and Odds or Evens, as well as bunch of singles/EP's and did a couple of tours of Europe and played a lot in Australia. 


Around the same time I was also part of HOY; a folk-pop collaboration. Hoy released an LP, 'Aquaslum' in 2014, and played two tours of Europe and Australia. 

In 2016, I started writing my first music as a solo artist,  released my debut solo EP, In the course of Love in 2018. Around this time I also formed Liam Linley & The Louvres, a band for my solo music...we have recorded our first EP, which is yet to be released. 

In 2017 I also joined collaborative project Venetian Blinds. We have released four singles so far and have a full album on the way, which I am have recorded and produced.

I am currently in the final stages of producing the Venetian Blinds debut LP and writing my next solo release.

Most recent reviews:

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